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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Technique

My May Newsletter : "Scrapping and Stamping with Gail" has gone out and as promised I am posting the May technique on here my blogsite.
Stamping on Candles
Stamping on candles is a wonderful way to add something special to your decorations for that special event: whether it is a birthday, a shower, graduation or a wedding.
1. Stamp your image on white tissue paper. ( you may color the image if you wish)
2. Cut out the stamped image fairly close to the edge.
3. Place the image you cut out onto the candle. You can wet the edge slightly to keep it in place.
4. Pre-heat your embossing gun for 30 seconds and wave it over the stamped image. You will see that the image melts into the wax. Add a ribbon and you are all done!

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Kirstin said...

Hi there, I was just returning your comment on ym blog...yiu said you grew up in Utica, that is exactly where I live, well really more like Yorkville, but close enough. How far away are you from me?