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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm so excited....

I feel like singing. I have been busy the past two weeks. I had a great Christmas card stamp camp on the 13th. Today I had my first scrapbooking workshop. My biggest group so far. I had 11 people there and I with 7 great orders. I was so nervous, it was not like holding a class in my dinning room. These ladies were great and we had a great time. We made a 4 x 5 inch (Soft Sky) brag books with 4 blue bayou pages. We used the med. flat cello bags as page protectors. We tied it together with double stitched Purely pomegranate ribbon. Stamped one of the images from In the Spotlight on the front and put a brad in the middle for accent. It came out really cute.
I had enough orders from some of my regular other stampers that I was able to put in a workshop order for myself and got to stock up on some CS.
I am sending out my first stamp by mail class this week. So all and all I have had a very good month.
I have a huge All Occasion swap that I will be working on next week. My fingers are aching already.


Aimeslee said...

Congrats to you! Work accomplishments are always good! I know, I had a good tax season myself.

Now, I have something for you. Makes for a great blog entry.
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Wyanne said...

Congrats on your class and orders! BTW...Chloe wants to come visit me at the beach! She's so cute! Keep up the great work! XoxoxoxX