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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Open House Last Night

Had my Open House last night. Unfortunately, only 2 guests. We had a great time non the less. I had a new stamper there, who was very excited about learning to stamp. I sold one of the Punch Box sets. That was pretty cool. I offered a free class to anyone ordering by August 15th. I don't think that is what sold her though. She actually got to use the punch at class and she fell in love with it. Just love it when someone gets excited about the things that excite me. I also have been asked to teach a class at the Coffee Shop near me. That will be fun and hopefully keep me in stamping money :o).

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Melinda McMillen said...

Awe....2 people can be disappointing but it sounds like you have a great new lead! I was going to do an open house but haven't had the chance....things have been TOO HECTIC here!

Yay for the coffee house class. I hope it goes well.