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Thursday, April 26, 2007

People I would like you to visit

I need to tag a few people, so here goes :
Amy at:, becasue she thought we didn't read her blog!
Kat at:, becasue she is a nurse in labor and delivery, what an awesome job that is!
Melinda at: , because her brother trained at the army base in SC near my daughter.!
Tracy at: , because I know her and she has the cutesest little boys!
Maria at: she is from Hawaii. I will be going there next Feb. for my 60th birthday!
Jan at:, becasue she is so funny!
Emily at: becasue she has just done something cool with her hair!


Maria said...

Like you said, I'm from Hawaii (Card Inspired). Which island are you visiting? Here's a few information about Hawaii that may help you decide where to go:

Oahu is the main island with the highest population, approximately a million people. I'm from this island. Honolulu (home of Waikiki) is the main city and it's considered a metropolitan city - one of the larger cities in the U.S. comparable to Seatle, San Diego, San Francisco, etc. There's a mix of city life, nightlife, restraunts, large malls, lots of traffic, high rise buildings, but also, there's a tropical side with beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, and country/rural life.

Kauai considered one of the wettest place in the world. It's very rural with lots of tropical landscaping, beautiful beaches, quiet living. . .was voted by Travel Magazine, one of the most beautiful place to visit. . .especially, the Napali Coast - great hiking spots, black sand beach, beautiful scenic routes. Location where many movies are filmed such as Jurasic Park, Lost, etc.

Maui - most popular with tourists. Very laid back country living and caters to tourist. Great place for water sports, hiking, beaches, and the Haleakala Volcano and observatory is located on this island. The summit of Haleakala sometimes snows.

Hawaii (Big Island) - Largest island of the Hawaiian chain. Very country living/ lots of ranches/very rural. ..lots of driving distances to cover. Kilauea Volcano is located on this island. Considered one of the most active volcano in the world. Maunakea is also an active Volcano. Kona is located on this island. Hilo another city is considered one of the rainiest places in the world.

Niihau - the whole island is a private ranch. You need permission to visit this island.

Molokai - is a very small island primarily ranches. Famous for the leporsy colony in the late 1900s and Father Damien - being considered for Sainthood or is already a Saint. Lots of hiking, horseback riding, place where game hunting is located (deers, boars, etc.)

Lanai - very small island. Beautiful beaches, resort town.

Kooholawe - Island used by the military. No visitors allowed.

Hope this helps and hope you have fun!!

Kat said...

OH MY GOODNESS-How sweet are you tagging me!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm kinda new to this whole thing (the blogging thing) so is the idea that I will now list my favorite blogs, on my blog, and then let those people know. And thanks for tagging me and saying something about me being a labor and delivery nurse--I LOVE MY JOB! It has it's share of sorrow, but I see life bloom all the time-I feel very lucky for that opportunity!!! Thanks again.