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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What to do????

I need to order $65 more this month to make my quarterly requirement. I want to see the new stamps but I have to wait until I return to NC the first week of July. I can place an oreder to arrive after I am back to NC or I can order now and have it delivered to me here at my friends house. I don't think I can have a demo order delivered to address other than my home one. So do wait to place an order or do I just spend the $65 on stuff that can be sent here in NY?


Melinda McMillen said...

You should call DS and ask them about that. What bout changing your address to reflect one where you are now, and then changing it back again after you get home. That's easy to do. BUT you DEFINATELY want the Zoofari and Pick a Petal sets. PLUS - remember that there is an additional 20% off of sets for the pre-order period...that's a pretty good deal.....

Michelle said...

And see, I don't like Zoofari OR Pick a Petal.
I say Baroque Motifs! And the punch box. Plus some new colours ink and paper! (See, this was my order! LOL!)
I would do what Melinda suggested and change the address in your SU profile to reflect where you are.